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Ask First Bail Bonding

The business is operated by DuJuan Taylor, who has been a licensed bail bondsman for over 10 years. Our qualified bail bondsman can help you with all of your bail bond requirements throughout the Shelby, Desoto, Tipton, and Tunica counties in Tennessee and Mississippi 24 hours 7 Days a week.

If you have a loved one in any other area please contact us – we can help! We do this by providing confidential consultations and bail information. We’ll discuss everything with you so you won’t be surprised with hidden fees.

  • House calls available
  • We service all courts and jails
  • No bond is too large or too small
  • 24 Hour Emergency Bail Bond
  • We offer payment plans with no collateral necessary in most cases
  • Payments and Credit available
  • Free financing on Payment Plans

With our long experience and local knowledge of the legal systems, we can help you with professional and honest assistance!

We Provide Reliable Bail Bonds
Ask First Bail Bond is the #1 bail bond company in Mid-South for professionalism and fast service. Normally, bail will be set in 2 to 6 hours. When that happens, you should consider hiring an Ask First bail bond agent to help you obtain a quick release. Bail bonds allow you the opportunity to be released from custody at only a fraction of paying the full bail amount. In fact, our bail bondsman usually charge a 10% to 15% fee for the service and will cover the full bail amount for you.

Call an Experienced Bail Bondsman at Ask First Today!
Using our bond services allows you to get out of jail quickly to avoid losing your job. In addition, your freedom will provide you the opportunity to start working on your case, gathering evidence, and locating witnesses with your attorney in an effort to build a strong defense.

Our Professional Bail Bondsman Provide Convenience
While awaiting your bail hearing, your family can make contact with our agents to secure the information required to obtain your bond. They will gather indemnitor and co-signor information, evaluate your assets and equity including your home, vehicle and other property. We can be ready to have you released within just a few hours after your bail has been set.

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