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About Us - The business is operated by DuJuan Taylor, who has over 17 years' experience.
Pricing Options - We make getting released from jail affordable. We'll help you get out of jail so you can be with your family.
Jail FAQ - Do you have questions about the bail bond process? We answer commonly questions and help you understand.
Online Payments - You can make a payment online using our payment page. We accept all major credit cards.
Documents - Our online documents provide a level of convenience not usually found on most bail bond website.
Customer Support - Our staff is always available to help you. We're open 24 hours a day 365 day a year.
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Ask first bond Memphis, North Mississippi and surrounding communities trust Ask First Bail Bonds for bail for jail release fast.  We pride ourselves on being the experts in the field that you can rely on. When you or your loved ones need bail bonding services, we are only a call away.

If you or anyone you love is faced with a situation, your best choice is to call Ask First Bail Bond. We will work to get those you care about to get them out of jail quickly. Our track record for honesty and integrity along with our resourcefulness helps us secure any bond or bail you need.

Ask First Bail Bond has multiple locations across the Mid South area offering fast response to all the local jails. Feel free to get in touch with the office nearest you or contact our main office or online to speak with a dispatcher about which of our teams can best help you quickly.

Free Shuttle Service for Customers
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Professional and Courteous Service
We are Bondsmen certified by the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents with over 30 years of experience.

How to Bail Someone Out of Jail
THE PROCESS OF BAILING A LOVED ONE out of jail might seem complicated and daunting. If you follow the correct steps and procedures, the process can become painless.

Obtain the Information
This first step is crucial. Many people are so flustered by the thought of a loved one being arrested they forget this important step. Locate your loved one and find out how much their bail will be.

Contact Your Closest Ask First Bail Bond Office
The experienced and courteous staff will walk you through the process of obtaining a bond and getting your loved one released. Be sure you have all the required information before arriving at the office to expedite the process.

Complete Process
Your Ask First Bail Bond agent will walk you through the entire process every step of the way to ensure you are clear on all paperwork. After an agreeable term is agreed on and paid for Ask First Bail Bond will handle the rest of the process.

Pick Up Your Loved One
Ask First Bail Bond will instruct you to go to the jail where you’re loved one is being held.


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